Improve outcomes with more accurate M1830 assessment  
Agencies could put a patient at risk, hurt their outcomes and lose three case-mix points if an early-episode patient who bathes at the sink due to a psychological barrier is... Read More
Improve M1860 outcome with holistic assessment  
Educate on M2430, address rising hospitalizations  


OASIS Utilization Calculator: Fear your home health agency may be ordering more aide visits than supported by your OASIS start-of-care assessments? The solution: A two-page OASIS scoring guide. When Village Care of New York, Manhattan, equipped its 58 nurses with a home health aide hours evaluation tool, it cut its home health aide hours by 20%-25%. The tool groups 18 different OASIS questions related to ADLs, IADLs, elimination, cognitive function and support systems into eight blocks which when added together tally to a total score, which is converted into recommended aide hours.

OASIS Competency Quiz 1: Chances are not all of your nurses realize that human supervision or assistance goes beyond hands-on assistance to include verbal cueing or reminders when answering M0700 (ambulation/locomotion). Test your clinicians' knowledge of OASIS ADL- and IADL-related questions using this true/false format quiz.

OASIS Competency Quiz 2: OASIS accuracy still plagues home health clinicians nationwide. Test your field staff's OASIS knowledge using this 2-part exam.

Demographic & Patient History (M0175-M0290)
Living Arrangements (M0300-M0340)
Supportive Assistance (M0350-M0380)
Sensory Status (M0390-M0430)
Integumentary Status (M0440-M0488)
Respiratory Status (M0490-M0500)
Elimination Status (M0510-M0550)
Neuro/Emotional/Behavioral Status (M0560-M0630)
ADLs / IADLs (M0640-M0770)
Medications (M0780-M0880)
Equipment Management (M0810-M0820)
Therapy Need (M0825)

Start of Care
Patient Tracking Sheet

Verbatim Regulation:

Reporting Requirement
Collection Requirement


Never miscalculate the five-day recertification window again. Enter your start of care date and instantly see lock date windows for up to 3 recert periods.


Diagnosis Coding

OASIS & Outcomes

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